Interviewing Blake Sennett, not interviewing Amanda Palmer

So this week I had two opportunities to interview some musicians that I really admire and who really influenced me, especially when I was figuring out what my music taste was in high school. Both Amanda Palmer – who I first got to know through her work with The Dresden Dolls – and Blake Sennett – who I got to know through Rilo Kiley – will play at Maxwell’s in Hoboken next week.

Although I first thought that I would be able to interview Amanda, scheduling conflicts led the whole arrangement to fall through and I ended up just cobbling together and advance using quotes from some of her local fans who are looking forward to her concert.

Things worked out better, however, with Blake.

Although we had to reschedule our interview at one point, we had a pretty good talk and I enjoyed speaking with him (even though he sounded a bit sleepy – maybe he just got up? Either way, it was adorable).

My article on Blake will come out next week. For now, enjoy my Hudson County fan-centric piece on Amanda Palmer.

Hudson County fans anticipate Dresden Dolls star and solo artist Amanda Palmer’s Hoboken concert

Amanda Palmer performing with The Dresden Dolls at Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland, New Zealand in September 2006.

Singer, pianist and composer Amanda Palmer will be performing at Maxwell’s in Hoboken next Wednesday.

Palmer first rose to stardom in what she calls a “Brechtian punk cabaret” group, The Dresden Dolls, with drummer Brian Vigilione.

Since 2008, the New York City native has been pursuing a solo career which has produced two albums so far, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” and her most recent release, “Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under.”

The Wesleyan graduate, who is married to author Neil Gaiman, previously performed in Hoboken in 2007.

Several of her Hudson County fans, including Art House Productions Founder and Director Christine Goodman, are looking forward to her concert.

“She’s a fascinating mix of drama, humor, fact, fiction, sex and freakiness,” said Goodman. “The result is an air of accessibility and a whimsical ‘anything can happen’ concert vibe.”

She says that Palmer has even influenced the Jersey City nonprofit’s projects.

“Amanda Palmer’s work has inspired a lot of my work, from characters in Art House plays, to our late night cabaret series.”

Jersey City songwriter Joelle Zigman, who is currently studying at Rice University in Texas, said she was also inspired by the singer and wishes she could see her in concert.

“I saw that she was coming to Maxwell’s and I was so mad I couldn’t go,” said Zigman, adding that she wanted to hear Palmer sing, take pictures with her and give her hugs.

Palmer will perform at Maxwell’s, 1039 Washington St., Hoboken, on Wednesday, June 22 at 9 p.m. For more information, visit

See Amanda Palmer perform “Leeds United.”

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