Downtown Urban Theater Festival kicks off with ‘Death Boogie’

My “Secrets; Love” assistant director Lili and I went to the opening of the Downtown Urban Theater Festival last night!

We went to the opening reception and munched and mingled and then saw the festival’s amazing kick-off play, “Death Boogie” by Darian Dauchan. Here’s the play’s official festival description:

“Death Boogie” is a Hip Hop poetry musical that follows the fictional story of Victor Spartan, a blue collar worker who lives a comatose lifestyle by day and at night, hears the poetic sounds of revolution.

The play featured a projected video with comic-book images by artist David Ayllon illustrating the events in the Dauchan’s story. Musical accompaniment was provided by The Mighty Third Rail – bassist Ian J. Baggette, violinist Curtis Stewart and Dauchan himself, who stars as Sparta, his older brother Johnny and tons of other characters – even the god Prometheus.

The musical was excellent in both performance and direction and Lili and I agreed – we’d love to see it again! We even bought the soundtrack!

“Death Boogie” recently finished a successful Kickstarter campaign to take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For more information, check out this interview with the talented Dauchan on

Here is a video of The Mighty Third Rail rehearsing their song “Death Boogie.”

The Downtown Urban Theater Festival runs through March 31 and features works by 15 playwrights, including “Secrets; Love” by myself on March 28. The shows are performed at the HERE Arts Center, 145, Sixth Ave., in SoHo, Manhattan, New York City. For more information, visit To buy tickets for “Secrets; Love” or any other DUTF play, visit


About Summer Dawn Hortillosa

Summer Dawn Hortillosa is a journalist specializing in arts and entertainment. Among other things, she is also an award-winning playwright, director, singer-songwriter and actress. Her work has been seen in The Jersey City Independent, The Jersey Journal and other publications.
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