Macy’s Parade Studio Painter Beth Lucas Creates Artwork That Floats Above it All

This week I got to write about Macy’s Parade Studio head scenic artist and fine artist Beth Lucas of Jersey City. She emailed me and told me her work was on display at the Hoboken Historical Museum and I knew I had to do something on her because her story sounded interesting and I love her work.

Her exhibit “Ta-Da!” is on display at the Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson St., Hoboken, through July 1. For more information, visit or email bethpainting[at]

Beth Lucas’s Artwork Floats Above it All

While most artists struggle to have even a thousand people see their work in their lifetime, one Jersey City artist’s work has been literally paraded before millions over the past two decades.

Jersey City Heights resident Beth Lucas, 52, is the head scenic artist for the Macy’s Parade Studio, which relocated to Moonachie, N.J., from Hoboken last year. Lucas works year-round with a team of about 22 other artists to create the fantastic floats that millions see in person or on television every year. Last year’s parade alone averaged 22.4 million viewers, a 10-year high, according to NBC.

Lucas moved to Jersey City in 1984 after earning a Master’s in Fine Art from Rutgers University. A friend who worked at the Macy’s Parade Studio, then located in the old Tootsie Roll factory in neighboring Hoboken, told her about the gig.

“Somebody I graduated with – or who was a year older than me? – someone who went to Rutgers as well, she got a job at the Macy’s Parade Studio and when she was there for six months when she said, ‘This place is for you, you’ve got to get a job here,’” says Lucas. “I didn’t even know it existed! I just went in and talked to people there and two months later I got hired and I never left.”

At the studio, Lucas adds finishing touches to all the floats and is one of the last production stops for each project in what she says is a long process.

Read the full article in The Jersey City Independent.


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