My perfect life told in works by local artists

Making art is one way of expressing who you are. Choosing your favorite works of art is another.

In 2012, I posted “My perfect life told in famous works of art,” which included bits like, “I wanna make my living like this,” with Vermeer’s “A Lady Writing” (and I am!), and “A man like this,” with Michelangelo’s David.

This year, I’m doing it again, but with works by artists in Hudson County, N.J., or works that have been exhibited here.

I want to be tough when I need to be, like this.

'Annie Oakley' by Kayt Hester“Annie Oakley” by Kayt Hester

But like, really hot like this.

'Roxy' by Edward Tadiello“Roxy” by Edward Tadiello

I want to have fabulous hair like this (again).

'Levitation' by Robert Piersanti“Levitation” by Robert Piersanti (yes, that’s me)

And I want a Technicolor skull, for my Technicolor brain, like this.

'There's Something About You Baby' by Daniel Marck“There’s Something About You Baby” by Daniel Marck. Exhibit photo by me.

And I want to (metaphorically) slam my haters like this.

'Curb Your Dog' by Isaac Pelepko“Curb Your Dog” by Isaac Pelepko. Exhibit photo by me.

I want to eat these all day.

Food illustrations by Matt CapIllustrations by Matt Cap

And drink this.

'Passionate Mimosa' by Joseph Borzotta“Passionate Mimosa” by Joseph Borzotta

And have dizzying rooms in my house just to confuse people, like this.

A duct tape installation by Eric KleinDuct tape installation by Eric Klein

I want a ride like this.

'Left and Leaving' by David Dziemian“Left and Leaving” by David Dziemian

I want the freedom to lay around the house like this. And a pet pig.

By Joe VelezBy Joe Velez.

Or a rollerskating elephant like this is cool too.

By Cheryl GrossA drawing by Cheryl Gross. Exhibit photo by me.

I want a love like this.

'We've Got Some Magic on Our Side' by Bojana Coklyat“We’ve Got Some Magic on Our Side” by Bojana Coklyat. Exhibit photo by me.

And passion like this.

'Berlin (Kiss)' by Ray Smith“Berlin (Kiss)” by Ray Smith. Exhibit photo by me.

With a man with talent like this.

'Hendrix in Smoke' by Ocean Clark“Hendrix in Smoke” by Ocean Clark

And a mind like this.

'Dali's Nesting Visions' by Dorian Monsalve“Dali’s Nesting Visions” by Dorian Monsalve

Or just like, this guy.

'A Real Hero' by Narciso Espiritu“A Real Hero” by Narciso Espiritu

And we’ll live out near a lake like this.

Detail of 'Reflective Gathering' by Kirkland BrayDetail of “Reflective Gathering” by Kirkland Bray. Exhibit photo by me.

Or in the mountains like this.

By Thomas John CarlsonBy Thomas John Carlson

Or just in Chilltown like this.

Grove Street, by the Jersey City Quilters GuildGrove Street, by the Jersey City Quilters Guild. Exhibit photo by me.


About Summer Dawn Hortillosa

Summer Dawn Hortillosa is a journalist specializing in arts and entertainment. Among other things, she is also an award-winning playwright, director, singer-songwriter and actress. Her work has been seen in The Jersey City Independent, The Jersey Journal and other publications.
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