Short Stories

I absolutely love writing short stories. It’s because I love telling tales in prose but I don’t have enough patience as a writer to take time on entire novels. Besides, novels are big and are about big ideas. Short stories are about small ideas and how wonderfully precious they are in their smallness.

Looking back over the different stories I have written, it’s clear that I have a flair for drama (naturally, since I grew up watching soaps–and still watch them sometimes), am a sucker for a good love story, am fascinated by magic, and apparently went through some fun sort of gothy period.

My stories often have fairy tale elements, focus on feeling and plot more than imagery and sometimes have interesting rhythms.

I have flow problems sometimes, however, which, I am proud to say, I am working on.

Recently, I have been incorporating elements from my life and my friends’ lives to create emotional snapshots.

I will only post excerpts here for the sake of brevity and preventing any intellectual or artistic theft.

For full stories, contact me: summerhortillosa[at]

Also, you can view the full-length stories I’ve posted to this blog.

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