Recent works

Here are some of the full-length short stories I’ve written since I started this blog in December 2010.

Crushing: An imaginative woman makes calculated advances toward a new stranger in her neighborhood only to discover a truth she knows all too well.

Transformer: A woman imagines how falling in love might change her.

Good Understanding: An obsessive man with an overactive imagination tries to win the heart of his coworker at a communications company.

Inoperable: A woman panics after her boyfriend abandons her in the middle of Walmart.

Totally Engaged: A woman finally meets a man she wants to marry. He’s perfect, except for one little thing – he doesn’t want her.

Good bye: Two near-strangers loosely linked by four mutual friends share a magical moment as they bid each other good-bye, changing their lives forever.

Insight: A young woman tries to run away from a man after being overwhelmed with the eternity she sees in his eyes.

Something Inside That Head of Yours: A paranoid whose idea of fun is thinking up wacky ways to die imagines that a young man working at a new bakery is a serial killer.

Senses: A woman’s mischievous mind refuses to let her deny her love for her soulmate, sending her on a journey through different idealized lives with him until the lines between the perfection of reality and of her imagination are blurred.

Reminders: Everything reminds a man of his lost lover.

Soaring into the Light: Two coworkers fall in love only two weeks after they start really getting to know each other. After a disagreement, the man disappears, leaving the woman distraught. As she searches for healing and truth, however, she discovers that he has been hiding a deadly secret.

Fit: A girl impulsively asks the young painter she loves to marry her. He refuses, saying his rich, racist grandfather would disinherit him if he did because of the color of her skin. She leaves him in anger, but can’t seem to forget him. Two weeks later, the painter’s grandfather dies. He tries convincing her to accompany him to the funeral and give him a second chance.

Long Lost Love Song: Dreams of a past lover leave the narrator hot, cold and confused. Does love take work or does it just happen?

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