So What If I Loved You

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“My memory can’t seem to decide what to hold on to and what to throw away…Sometimes, he slips away and it’s like I’m watching a box of Polaroids being dumped from a rooftop into a gale of wind, each shot fluttering into oblivion….”

— “The Lion Prince,” from “So What If I Loved You”

A scene from the video component of "So What If I Loved You." Turtle the Bull Photography

68 Productions and Jersey City Theater Center presented “So What If I Loved You” (SWIILY, for short), a multimedia one-woman show written by and starring Summer Dawn Hortillosa. In the play, a young woman is haunted by memories of a lost lover. Unable to sleep, she remembers various incarnations of this man through two monologues, an original song and films by Alex Pergament and DeukYun Hwang.

The entire piece is this woman’s descent from tortured wakefulness into slumber and into a dream. It is about a love that is both good and bad, dead and alive. If you’ve ever loved someone you knew you shouldn’t, or missed someone so much that it kept you up night after night, this play is for you.

The play premiered Aug. 21 to 24 at Jersey City Theater Center‘s Merseles Studios, 339-345 Newark Ave., Jersey City.

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See a trailer:


About the Artists

Summer Dawn Hortillosa headshot by David GazzoSummer Dawn Hortillosa (Writer, Actress) is a Jersey City- and Kearny-based playwright, director and actress. Summer is a recipient of the Governor’s Award in Arts Education for Theater Arts and Lavina Kohl Permanent Career Award in Literature from the New Jersey chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters. See more of her theater work here.

Liliane Wolf headshot by David GazzoLiliane Wolf (Director) has performed in various productions throughout NY/ NJ. She is an alumna of the Jersey City Arts High School and the Governor’s School of the Arts. She made her Off-Broadway debut with Keen Company’s Things Fall (Meanwhile) (Emily “Pi” Piper) and Conspicuous (Jinsoo). She has previously worked with 68 Productions for Secrets; Love (Assistant Director/ Luz Salem), Before, After and Always (Assistant Director) and Three Bites (Bettie Sage).

DeukYun Hwang (Video Editor, Assistant, Music Video Director) comes from a gritty, yet conservative section of Seoul, Korea, where social norms are not typically broken. She has since traveled throughout fifteen different countries before calling New York City her home. She is currently pursuing her lifelong dream as a writer and film director and studying Film Production at Brooklyn College. She has an unbridled passion for creating insightful and through-provoking films. She has also worked as a writer and actress.

Press Coverage

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BroadwayWorld: SO WHAT IF I LOVED YOU Set for Merseles Studios, 8/21-24
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The New York Times: Metropolitan section, Jersey edition
BroadwayWorld: SO WHAT IF I LOVED YOU Opens in Jersey City, 8/21
Friggin Fabulous Radio: Radio interview with Nick Ciavatta

Special Thanks and Acknowledgments

“So What If I Loved You” is produced by 68 Productions and presented by Jersey City Theater Center at Merseles Studios thanks to Olga Levina and Ben LoPiccolo.

Producer, Writer, Actress: Summer Dawn Hortillosa
Director: Liliane Wolf
Director of Photography, Videographer: Alex Pergament
Video Editor, Assistant: DeukYun Hwang
Choreography: Summer Dawn Hortillosa (with assistance from Meagan Woods)
Set and Prop Designer, Video Actor: Luke Koty
Lighting Design: Lance A. Michel
Asst. Lighting Designer: Peter Schmidt
Asst. Lighting Designer, Sound Design: Shimeon Nandlal
Video and Sound Operator, Technical Consultant: Carlos Nino
Costume Design: Jeyra Toledo
Promotional Photography: Turtle the Bull Photography
Graphic Design: Vanessa Espinosa

Special Thanks: Art House Productions, R.Evolución Latina, STAGES!, 660 Studios, Rock-it Docket, Creative Enabler, John Fathom, Colleen Koty, Thomas John Carlson, Meagan Woods

Written and Performed by: Wordsmith and Hammer (Summer Dawn Hortillosa and Luke Koty)
Music Producer: Greg Reyes
Director and Primary Videographer: DeukYun Hwang
Director of Photography: John Flynn
Secondary Videographer and DP: Alex Pergament
Actors: Summer Dawn Hortillosa, Luke Koty, Liliane Wolf, Carlos Nino
Extras: Sarah Alba, Joe Hayduk, Shawn Jordan, Angelica Liu, Hector Mendoza, Ryan O’Leary, Vanessa Powers, Victoria Spector, Joe Velez
Badass Mutha: Anthony Scutro

Video Actors: Summer Dawn Hortillosa, Luke Koty, Carlo Fiorletta, Jessica Nelson
Special Thanks: 660 Studios, Tea NJ, Tachair Bookshoppe, Lucky 7 Tavern, Art House Productions, Barry Cavanagh, Starbucks Grove, Rob Castillo

Director of Photography, Guitar: Alex Pergament
Vocals: Summer Dawn Hortillosa
Actors: Summer Dawn Hortillosa, Luke Koty
Video Editor and Assistant: DeukYun Hwang
Special Thanks: 660 Studios, Tea NJ, Lucky 7 Tavern
Our Amazing Supporters:

Ben Torrei

Luke Colinco

Andres Hortillosa

Jonathan Rodriguez

Edward Benoit
Seamus Scanlon

Kathleen Vogelsang
Karin Diann Williams

Beth Bentley

Doris Cacoilo
Susan Lutin

Sandy Cockrell
Isobelle Espinosa
Bill and Rachel Rood

Katherine Pradt

Mina Prinz Arey
Al Barsky
Sergio Caetano
Debra Devi
Carlo Fiorletta
Teresa Garcia
Christine Goodman
Susannah Goya-Pack
Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern
Mark Kahn
Mara Lesemann
Meredith Lippman
Godfrey Pereira
Salvatore Salpietro
Jack Sibert
Mollie Thonneson

Taylor Ferrera
Trang Nguyen
Vera Vixeness
Laryssa Wirstiuk

Rob Garver
Hans Lao
Renee Walker

Tim Brady
Mary Meluso
Garvey Potter
Garrett Rasko-Martinis
John T. Trigonis

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