Three Bites

“Three Bites” by Summer Dawn Hortillosa is a dramatic one-act play for two principles and one supporting actress.

It's Drew (Rafael Cruz) versus Adrienne (Summer Dawn Hortillosa) in 'Three Bites.' David Gazzo photo

The show follows the rise and fall of a relationship over the course of three meals. With each bite, Drew (Rafael Cruz) and Adrienne (director Summer Dawn Hortillosa) struggle to get to know each other, and themselves. Assistant Director Liliane Wolf also stars as Bettie, a waitress at a retro diner.

A scene from “Three Bites” was part of the inaugural Tachair One-Act Play Festival at Tachair Bookshoppe in Jersey City in February 2014 and the play made its successful debut at STAGEfest at the Loew’s, also in Jersey City, at the historic Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre in March 2014.

It will also be featured as part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s 10th Anniversary Event on Saturday, July 11 at 9 p.m. and Sunday, July 12 at 7 p.m. at the theater, 303 W. 42nd St. (at Eighth Avenue), New York City, sixth floor. Tickets are $20 and can be reserved by emailing For more on this production, click here.

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Meet the Cast

Rafael Cruz headshot by David GazzoRafael Cruz (Drew) is a video editor and multi-medium enthusiast. His first roles at SBS (class of ’01) included Fredrick Douglas and Shakespeare’s Oberon. In 2002 he starred as El Gallo in “The Fantastiks” at Williams (class of ’05). A resident of downtown JC for five years, Rafael has been actively involved at Art House Productions as a volunteer and cast member (“The Constant Never,” “Murder on Ice”). Rafael loves local art in all its forms and it is a joy for him to participate.

Summer Dawn Hortillosa headshot by David GazzoSummer Dawn Hortillosa (Adrienne) is a Jersey City- and Kearny-based playwright, director and actress. Summer is a recipient of the Governor’s Award in Arts Education for Theater Arts and Lavina Kohl Permanent Career Award in Literature from the New Jersey chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters. See more of her theater work here.

Liliane Wolf headshot by David GazzoLiliane Wolf (Bettie Sage) has performed in various productions throughout NY/ NJ. She is an alumna of the Jersey City Arts High School and the Governor’s School of the Arts. She made her Off-Broadway debut with Keen Company’s Things Fall (Meanwhile) (Emily “Pi” Piper) and Conspicuous (Jinsoo). She has previously worked with 68 Productions for Before, After and Always (Assistant Director), Secrets; Love (Assistant Director/ Luz Salem), Tempest Productions for Oh, Freedom (Yarineth) and I see a Star (Grandmother/ Ensemble); The Park Players for Little Shop of Horrors (Ronnette/ Mrs. Luce); The Rudesby Algorithm for Twelfth Night (Viola). Other credits include: Los Vendidos (Director/ Secretary); Twelve Angry Jurors (Juror #8); Words, Words, Words (Swift). In her free time, she enjoys dressing up for anime/ comic conventions! She thanks Summer for another opportunity to work together!

Get a Glimpse

Check out rehearsal shots taken by David Gazzo.

Rafael Cruz, Liliane Wolf and Summer Dawn Hortillosa rehearse a scene from 'Three Bites.' David Gazzo photo

Rafael Cruz and Liliane Wolf rehearse a scene from 'Three Bites.' David Gazzo photo

Rafael Cruz and Summer Dawn Hortillosa get angry in 'Three Bites.' David Gazzo photo

Also, here are some performance shots by Alex Pergament

Drew (Rafael Cruz) makes an awful marriage proposal to Adrienne (Summer Dawn Hortillosa). Alex Pergament photo

The intense climax of 'Three Bites.' Alex Pergament photo

And by STAGEfest photographer David Vanderheyden

Rafael Cruz as Drew in 'Three Bites.' David Vanderheyden photo

Drew (Rafael Cruz) proposes to Adrienne (Summer Dawn Hortillosa). David Vanderheyden photo

Liliane Wolf as Bettie in 'Three Bites.' David Vanderheyden photo

Drew (Rafael Cruz) and Adrienne (Summer Dawn Hortillosa) meet for the first time. David Vanderheyden photo

The climatic finale of 'Three Bites.' David Vanderheyden photo

Press Coverage

The Jersey Journal: Got a minute? Catch a play at Tachair Bookshoppe
Dislocations (blog): Tachair Bookshoppe’s First Annual Play Festival
Broadway World: THREE BITES to Premiere at STAGEfest at the Loew’s, 3/22
The Jersey Journal: More than 40 performances this weekend at STAGEFest in Jersey City
The Jersey City Independent: STAGEfest 2014
The Record: Photo feature in theater listings


The present reality of individual couples chilling love to be more than just pleasant was the at the core of Three Bites by Summer Dawn Hortillosa, the third act of a three act play – the play is the story of a couple told a years apart, each act set over a meal. The Tachair act was the third and final slice of the lives of these two people. The couple are clearly falling out of love, bicker and snipe, perplexed that the blackened catfish they ordered is “burnt”. The woman is poet writing treacle platitudes about love for a greeting card company and her husband of three years seethes over her apparent hypocrisy of imaging these praises to romance where the reality he feels is that their relationship lacks romance. They blame each other for the disparity.

There’s much clever banter, such as “Hindsight is 50/50.” Fate may not be determined at meals, but we’ve all had meals where it seems the past and the present are somehow contained in unsatisfying entrées. We’ve all been in that place where we blame the one we thought we love for the facts of our life we are unable to change.

Three Bites showed a relationship at a point where everything that was is now the opposite of what was once hoped, where once shared dreams – the greeting card lines the woman scribbles in a note book – are now disconnected from the reality. The tension and sorrow boiled beneath a Seinfeld-like surface of a restaurant scenario, what to eat, whether to eat what you are served and interacting with a waitress who can infuriate the couple only by the fact her southern accent indicates how oblivious she is to their plight.

— Timothy Herrick, Dislocations

Special Thanks and Credits

Carol Valleau, Tachair Bookshoppe and the Tachair One-Act Play Festival
The Friends of the Loew’s, the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre and STAGEfest at the Loew’s
Photography: David Gazzo (rehearsals), Sarah R. Villafuerte (performance), Alex Pergament (performance)
Videography: Alex Pergament
Props: Jayne Freeman, Tea NJ
Set: Luke Koty, Carlo Fiorletta and Mara Lesemann
Graphic Design: Vanessa Espinosa
Guest Director: Florence Pape

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